Many small businesses feel the need to get themselves on the web
but don”t know how. Having a “dot-com” after ones business name is
not only an advantage but those product and service industries who choose
to stay offline are often making a decision that will often be
detrimental to their viability as a business.

Let’s face it though, anyone can create a web presence. It’s getting so
that even young children can make web sites using special HTML translators.
Programs are available to create web sites with the greatest of ease.

The most important factor we must consider also is the rate of increase
in web sites going on-line, doubling every one-hundred days. This is making
it much harder for small businesses to get exposure on the web. Not to mention
the fact that so few of these web sites are maintained on a regular basis;
many corporate companies on the other hand update their site almost every
day but at the expense of tens and thousands of dollars each week.

How can a small business take full advantage of the web without having to
face such phenomenal overheads?

B11 WEB DEVELOPMENT has the answer.

We can satisfy the local demand for establishing a professional business web presence at an affordable price.

B11 WEB DEVELOPMENT currently allows small companies and organisations in the Illawarra region to get in touch with new and existing clients from across Australia and around the globe.

B11 WEB DEVELOPMENT is an Australian business combining the talent of locally-based freelance graphic designers such as and Matt White Design Haus to create simple yet effective web presences.

B11 not only puts your business on the web but keeps it there, and keeps it looking professional.

Our mission is to provide and continue developing quality web presences to our own strict service, design and code standards for Australian businesses.