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Beauty to Impress

Beauty to Impress has hired B11 to re-restore and secure their new web site…

Notts Smash Repairs

Notts Smash Repairs has hired B11 to recreate and secure their new website…

Airserve Air Conditioning

Airserve Air Conditioning has hired B11 to port their existing website across from a competing web hosting provider…

Definition Fitness Training

Definition Fitness Training had first approached B11 Web Development to provide a web site and email hosting solution over five years ago…

Bella Shutters and Blinds

Bella shutters and Blinds website hosted by B11 using WordPress, designed by MWDH, developed by Verb Syndicate. B11 provides secure SSL..

Marcelo Baez

This website holds pride of place in the B11 Web Development website portfolio. This is not only because it has been, and continues…