Marcelo Baez


Client :
Marcelo Baez
Category :
Illustration and Design
Completed, under continuous development
#illustration #design #web #development #boostrap
This website holds pride of place in the B11 Web Development website portfolio. This is not only because it has been, and continues to be a creative collaboration with B11 proprietor’s brother, professional graphic designer and freelance illustrator, Marcelo Baez. had strict creative requirements for his upcoming web site, requirements synonymous with all professional graphic designers who demand pixel perfection. The framework for the initial draft web site had been commeced by graphic designer David Tang, and implemented the Bootstrap framework. Due to Dave’s time constraints though, B11 was assigned to this project and got this website live just before the 2016 ComicGong, which allowed him to succesfully showcase his work online that year.

This site is under constant development and now leans on Marcelo’s Instagram feed, which he now depends on for the majority of his social media communication.